US Bank and volunteers PWI Receives $10,000 Grant from U.S. Bank

Partnerships With Industry (PWI), a San Diego-based nonprofit that matches workers who have developmental and intellectual disabilities with meaningful employment, has received a $10,000 grant from U.S. Bank in San Diego, California.

PWI said U.S. Bank’s donation has been among several contributions made to PWI by U.S. Bank in recent years. On a number of occasions, U.S. Bank employees have volunteered at PWI sites to work alongside PWI’s Work Activity Program participants and for training on how to use pay cards and other projects. In addition, U.S. Bank has sponsored PWI fundraising events for many years.

“We are extremely grateful and gratified for the generous support of U.S. Bank,” said Richard V. Israel, President-CEO, PWI. “U.S. Bank is a valued partner for PWI. Their efforts have benefited adults with disabilities who want to work. We applaud U.S. Bank for their assistance to help empower people to succeed in the workplace.”

The grant was part of U.S. Bank’s Community Possible program, which involves investing in the future by giving to organizations that focus on economic and workplace development.

“At U.S. Bank, we are focused on economic, community and workforce development as a way of investing in the future of our communities,” said Greg Altman, VP and District Manager, U.S. Bank. “We are proud to support PWI’s community program that helps disabled people succeed in the workplace.”