At Partnerships With Industry we focus on an individual’s many abilities and find solutions for any barrier to employment he or she may have. Our dedicated team of coaches and managers are passionate about the clients they work with and will not stop searching until they find the employment opportunity that is perfect for their client in San Diego County. We support clients through all aspects of a job search by providing training, assistance in developing a resume, interview skills, as well as provide a coach who will support clients in every way once employed.

While on the job, a client will acquire new skills, be part of a team, and find new ways to be successful, including advancement to more challenging positions. Ultimately, we want all of our clients to satisfy their employment aspirations, reach their full potential and move toward maximum independence. As clients gain skills, we will look for new opportunities within the same, or different, company so clients are challenged and continue to grow.

Partnerships With Industry has successfully found employment for adults with a range of different abilities. Whether they are on the autism spectrum, have Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, an intellectual disability, or visual or hearing impairments, we will find meaningful employment for them.