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Employer Testimonials

//Employer Testimonials
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Lars Renteria, Food & Beverage Manager, Omni Hotel:

“When I first had the opportunity to see them working around the hotel, it immediately stuck out how upbeat the whole team was. It’s infectious…when you find the right mix of someone who’s glad to have you and truly someone who’s glad to be there. It’s magic, there’s nothing more really you can do with that… If I had the opportunity to have 15 more PWI associates, I would most definitely take advantage of that because they really do make it such a great place.”

Cecilia Lyon, Manager, City of Coronado:

“I feel very blessed and honored. I had no idea how invested I was going to get with these clients and after 8 years working with PWI it is a win-win situation and our residents like it. It’s hard to say no to a good package like that. We’d be silly… This has definitely been a good business decision for the City of Coronado.”

Ben Zlotnick, Owner, Old Ben’s Workshop:

“Old Ben’s Workshop started with 2 wild bird products over 5 years ago. As our business began to grow it became apparent that I could not keep up with demand. I could not afford to hire any employees and began the search for help. We now have close to 100 products and PWI has a part in all of them.”

John R. Brown, Southwestern Community College District:

“Southwestern Community College District is very grateful to be in partnership with PWI for the past two decades. Your crews perform exceptionally well and the investment in PWI has paid us dividends many times over. It is obvious, not only because of the exceptional clients you send our way, but the entire support system PWI provides. I know the PWI crews will be here on time and will provide excellent service. In addition, as Southwestern is a public institution of education, we also value the opportunities your clients have to be educated in job skills by their coach and on the job training.”

Steve Goble, Vice President of Marketing Communications, Annex Brand/PostalAnnex+:

“Annex Brand/Postal Annex+ has used PWI’s product assembly services for over 10 years. We hold in high respect the quality and speed of the work their clients do for us. With their assistance, we’re able to communicate with our franchisees more quickly and efficiently than we could do on our own.”

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