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Partnerships With Industry (PWI) provides four employment opportunities to you (your loved one). Each opportunity is slightly different and requires different skills and levels of independence. We want you to maximize your potential, no matter what employment service you start in. It is our goal for you to grow and develop the skills necessary to pursue more challenging and independent positions.

Work and Training Center (WTC) / Contract Services

For most new clients, this will be the beginning of their career at PWI. At one of our four locations throughout San Diego County, you will be welcomed by our supportive staff, where you will learn basic job skills and begin to build the foundation for employment through one of our other vocational programs. An added benefit to working in a WTC is the ongoing guidance and support provided by PWI Employment Training Specialists. Each day there is a different job in our WTCs, where you will have many opportunities to learn different tasks, for example: how to measure by weight, use a heat seal or a shrink wrap machine, fold clothing, or use a cash register. 

We encourage you to come visit your local PWI Work and Training Center and see for yourself; click HERE for available tour dates.

Group Services – Bishops School

Group Services (GS) – Supported Employment

As you begin to demonstrate confidence and skills in a Work and Training Center, you can choose to move into the San Diego County community by working at a local business or, depending on your abilities and your personal aspirations, you may be placed directly into Group Services (GS). In GS you will work in a team of 3-4 under the continuous supervision, training and support of an Employment Training Specialist. Common GS employment opportunities include: food services, production support, laundry services, gardening, litter abatement, and janitorial services.

Individual Placement – Janitor

Individual Placement (IP) – Supported Employment

Individual Placement provides you with maximum independence, working alongside co-workers without disabilities. As an IP client, you will be directly hired by a local San Diego County business and earn competitive wages and benefits. When you first start your new position, you will receive support and training from a PWI Employment Training Specialist 100 percent of your working hours, but as you become more comfortable and independent this support will gradually decrease to 20 percent of your working hours. Some current IP positions are at San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Home Depot, Legoland, Vons, Target, and AMC Theaters.

Vocational Assessment Services / Direct Placement

If you are searching for independent employment in San Diego County, without support from an Employment Training Specialist, however, need help freshening your resume and interview skills, and need assistance getting your foot in the door, PWI can provide you with a Vocational Assessment Services Specialist. Your Specialist will work with you on Job Exploration (shadowing another employee), External Situational Assessment (learning “hands-on” tasks of a particular job), and help you with strategies to overcome your unique barriers to employment.

As with all the decisions you will need to make, you have the choice to accept or turn down any or all jobs PWI offers you. You are not expected nor will you be forced to take any job you do not want to do. We encourage you to communicate to protect your rights and ensure that you are not being denied the same opportunities and/or basic rights everyone has the privilege to enjoy.

CORE: Creating Opportunities in Recreation and Employment

  • Learn Valuable Skills
  • Experience Fun and Engaging Experiences
  • Enjoy Paid employment
  • Volunteer in Your Community
  • Experience 100% community based training & support
  • Enjoy work, recreation and everyday life in Your community
  • All activities are groups of 3 individuals with Job Coach 100% of the time