Providing employment opportunities to adults with disabilities

Getting Started

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Getting Started2016-02-15T20:23:15-08:00

All Partnerships With Industry (PWI) services are provided free of charge to clients and their loved ones.

PWI’s services are available to individuals who:

  • Have an active/open case with the San Diego Regional Center, or qualify for services with the CA Department of Rehabilitation
  • Do not present a danger of injury to yourself/themselves, others, or property
  • Care for personal issues independently (i.e., medications, use of restroom, etc.)
  • Adhere to PWI’s policies and procedures
  • Arrange and maintain reliable transportation independent of PWI
  • Work the minimum number of hours required by the program you have enrolled in
  • Are willing to follow program guidelines, attendance, and punctuality
  • Lead your own vocational planning
  • Constantly strive to challenge yourself
  • Be willing to accept the support and guidance offered by the PWI staff

The Next Step:

Contact your local San Diego Regional Center Office or Department of Rehabilitation Office.

San Diego Regional Center, to find the office nearest you check out their website (

Department of Rehabilitation, to find the office nearest you check out their website (

Once you have received the go ahead, schedule an appointment with your local PWI office and we will start making a plan to find you meaningful employment. We look forward to working with you and helping you reach your employment goals!