Providing employment opportunities to adults with disabilities



Sibling of a PWI Client:DSCN0948

“We have moved quite a bit, after our most recent move, my sister who had always been in good spirits, started to doubt herself and lose confidence in her abilities. My family and I, not used to seeing her be so hard on herself, were hesitant to put her in another program in which she may get lost in the crowd. With PWI, we did not have this problem. 

From her first day to the present, my sister’s eyes light up when it’s time for work. The best part is that with the work she does at PWI, she truly feels that she is doing something of worth, and simultaneously learning useful life and job skills. My sister has grown immensely since she started at PWI. Most important of all, she has learned how to love her job as well as how to smile again.”

Parent of a PWI Client

When my son Michael was in school, he had a very limited attention span that, at times made even normal daily activities difficult. Learning was a challenge, he felt a lot of stress and his self-esteem was very poor. Today, Michael is a happy person. He has discovered that he is capable of mastering new skills, has learned he can do work that the world considers valuable, and be paid for it! Our son is proud of his work and sees himself as a contributor to society.

Screen Shot 2016 03 15 At 9 32 28 AMPWI Client (OMNI Hotel):

I always have a good day when I work at the OMNI. They’re always very helpful, and PWI gave me the opportunity to work there… Its a great place to work for people with disabilities. I do my best!” 

Mother of two PWI clients:

As the mother of two adult sons with developmental disabilities, I know society refers to our children as “special.” I couldn’t agree more. With the support of Partnerships With Industry, my sons are sharing some of their special qualities as valued employees working in the business community and reach goals once thought unattainable.

Sibling of a PWI Client:

My brother would be lost without his work. It is the reason he gets up in the morning.

PWI Individual Placement Client (janitorial position):

This is my first job. When I came to PWI they asked me what kinda job I wanted. And I told them I wanted to be a janitor. That’s what I wanted to be, and I’m a lot happier.

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