PWI’s “Star of the Month”
IMG 7763 (1)PWI’s “Star of the Month” is Miguel Cordoso.  Miguel has been involved with PWI in our Work & Training Center and Group Services program in the South Bay since 2003.  Since 2014, Miguel is employed at our Imperial Beach group site.

Miguel has been selected as “Star of the Month” for his leadership skills and his incredible determination to succeed in the workforce.  Miguel knows that hardwork, commitment and believing in yourself is key to success. PWI is pleased to support Miguel as he works hard and puts his abilities to use each day. His job coach says  “Miguel is very cheerful and loves his job. He’s always on time and takes initiative.”

Congratulations Miguel!  We are enormously proud of you and your accomplishments on the job.  We know that with your desire and commitment to do well, you will continue to be successful in the workforce.