Partnerships With Industry provides employment opportunities in the community. Each opportunity is slightly different and requires various skills and levels of independence. PWI wants to help maximize our client’s potential. PWI’s goal is to help our clients grow and develop the skills necessary to pursue more challenging and independent positions.

Tailored Day Services

Tailored Day Services offers community-based opportunities. PWI assists clients in creating individualized programs that match unique needs with an emphasis on engagement in the community.

Individual Tailored Day Services include:

Employment and Volunteer Placement

  • Vocational assessments
  • Career exploration
  • Resume development
  • Interview preparation
  • Job placement
  • Volunteering

Maximizing Self-Direction

PWI will help clients make decisions about services and set specific, quantifiable goals that result in meaningful and measurable outcomes.

Post-Secondary Education

Adult education, vocational certificates/licenses, GED, and accredited courses with an educational plan.

  • Exploration, selection and enrollment programs
  • Participating in campus life
  • Assistance with coursework

Leading an Integrated and Inclusive Life

  • Explore opportunities within the community for sociability
  • Find and join clubs/teams/groups that share common interests
  • Health, Wellness and Personal Safety Training

Group Services – Supported Employment

Group services provide clients who demonstrate confidence and skills in a Work-Training Center an opportunity to be placed into Group Services. In GS, clients work in a team of 3-4 under the continuous supervision, training, and support of an Employment Training Specialist. GS employment opportunities include food services, production support, laundry services, gardening, litter reduction, hotel stewarding, and janitorial services.

Individual Placement – Supported Employment

Individual Placement provides clients maximum independence, working alongside co-workers without disabilities. An IP client is hired directly by a local San Diego County business and earns competitive wages and benefits. When a client starts a new position, they will receive support and training from a PWI Employment Training Specialist 100% of their working hours. As the client becomes more comfortable and independent, this support will gradually decrease to 20% of their working hours. Some current IP positions are at San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Home Depot, Legoland, Vons, Target, Marriott, Hyatt, Brigantine Portside Pier, and AMC Theaters.

Direct Placement

Direct Placement provides job seekers the tools and supports to conduct a successful job search. The Job Seeker and PWI Job Developer work together to fine-tune job-seeking skills, identify job leads, negotiate needed accommodations, and develop supports to ensure long-term job retention.

happy employee

Satisfied Employee

Group Service client working at Viejas Casino

Group Service client working at Viejas Casino

Individual Placement, Santee PWI Office

Individual Placement, Santee PWI Office

Student Intern working at Top 40 Guitar Store

Student Intern working at Top 40 Guitar Store