Juan – Lowe’s Hardware Store Employee

Juan - Individual Placement at Lowe'sJuan enrolled in PWI’s South Bay San Diego Work and Training Center in September 2011. A bit shy and reserved at first, Juan slowly began to display leadership skills and asked for more responsibilities. PWI staff quickly recognized Juan’s potential for employment in the community and encouraged him to pursue employment through the Individual Placement service. On July 15, 2013 Juan was hired by Lowe’s Hardware Store, through the Individual Placement service. Within the first month, Juan was named “Employee of the Month” by Lowe’s for his outstanding work performance and customer service. Now confident in his abilities and skills, Juan expressed the desire to return to the South Bay Work and Training Center to share his growth and to encourage others to meet their full potential. On his day off Juan did just that, a true example and leader for his fellow PWI coworkers.



Kelly – Document Destruction Center Employee

Kelly White Document Destruction Center

Kelly enrolled in PWI’s Individual Placement services in 2002. Unfortunately his first experience working in the community was a challenging one as he felt bullied by his coworkers. He chose to work in the PWI’s East County San Diego Work and Training Center instead, and quickly began to flourish.  Kelly has mastered many of the more challenging Work and Training Center skills like shrink-wrapping and heat sealing. The PWI staff saw Kelly’s immense potential and encouraged him to begin pursuing a position out in the community. Kelly’s previous experience and  difficulties using public transportation kept him in the Work and Training Center for 12 years, until PWI opened a new opportunity for clients like Kelly… The Document Destruction Center.  The Document Destruction Center was the perfect opportunity for Kelly to take on a more challenging work environment while being able to use the same public transportation routes he had grown accustomed to over the past 12 years, as The Document Destruction Center is located at the East County Office. Kelly is now thriving in his new position, through patience and determination he and his PWI team were able to find his ideal employment position and environment.


Christopher – Regal Cinemas Employee

Christopher - La Quinta Inn Employee

Christopher is a veteran PWI client, and has found employment through PWI’s Individual Placement service for over 16 years. Christopher is a loyal, hardworking, highly capable young man who has utilized the opportunities for growth and development presented by PWI to the fullest. Christopher’s ultimate goal is to buy a house, and he has focused on that goal by accepting positions that will help him advance in his career. Christopher recently accepted a position at Regal Cinemas in Carlsbad in customer service, after working in the housekeeping division of La Quinta Inn for nearly two years. PWI is proud to be able to support Christopher, not only in excelling in all of his employment opportunities, but also in pursuing his ultimate goal of buying his first home.



Barbara – Work and Training Center Employee

Barbara - Work and Training Center Employee

For the past six years, all staff and visitors at PWI’s San Diego Office have been greeted with a warm smile and a firm handshake from Barbara. Barbara has long been a member of the PWI family. After four years working with a group of her peers at the Omni Hotel, Barbara decided to work at the San Diego Office’s Work and Training Center. She is not only a hard worker, who often volunteers to help her Employment Training Specialist, but she attends every Social Event at the San Diego Office. PWI is proud to be able to provide Barbara with meaningful employment and a community of support.