Providing employment opportunities to adults with disabilities



Full Logo TransparentPartnerships With Industry (PWI) was established in 1985, to provide supported employment opportunities to adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities living in San Diego County. Since that time, PWI has opened three additional offices, strategically placed to serve the entire county, and has helped 12,500 individuals find employment and thrive in a work environment.PWI’s mission is Successfully building win-win partnerships between the San Diego County community and individuals with disabilities.

PWI clients have a wide range of intellectual, developmental, and/or other disabilities; however, at PWI, we like to focus on their many ABILITIES rather than disabilities.  PWI is proud to partner with over 200 local businesses.

PWI is dedicated to providing the highest quality employment opportunities, and the highest quality of job training and support to those it serves so they can find meaningful and lasting employment, and move toward maximum independence.