Partnerships With Industry’s (PWI) employee leasing services help to fill staffing gaps in your business in San Diego County. Whether those gaps come from high turnover positions, or tasks simply not getting done to satisfaction, we can help.

Group Site: UCSD 64 Degrees Restaurant

A group of PWI clients work on site at your place of business under the full-time supervision of a PWI Employment Training Specialist (ETS). The ETS is provided at no additional cost to you. This service provides a cost-effective and reliable source of labor to San Diego County businesses that are seeking motivated workers. We can help your staff stay focused on core activities where they are most effective.

Employer Benefits Include:

  • Quality work done by motivated workers
  • Three to four skilled workers work under PWI job coach
  • Employees are assessed and matched with the right job resulting in reduced turnover
  • Employees possessing the job skills and training needed to get the job done
  • On-site employees: 20-40 hours a week
  • Job Coach, paid for by PWI, providing 100% supervision
  • Workers’ Comp coverage provided by PWI
  • Job training and supervision provided by PWI job coach
  • Labor expenses equal to production
  • Substitute workers available in case of illness and vacation
  • Free recruitment and screening
  • PWI manages payroll administration
  • Reliable, hard-working employees
  • Available and steady work force

Sample Services Include:

  • Grounds-keeping
  • Janitorial Services
  • Food Services
  • Office Support
  • Car Washing/Detailing
  • Landscaping
  • Retail

Contact one of PWI’s Job Developers today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with PWI.