Providing employment opportunities to adults with disabilities

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Please let us know if you have something on this list to donate, or are able to purchase, for Partnerships With Industry (PWI). Or if you have an item you would like donate that is not included on this list, please let us know, we are able to accept most gifts. In-Kind donations are also eligible for tax deductions.

Work and Training Centers / Contract Services – Production Needs

  • Blister packaging equipment
  • New heat sealers
  • Industrial label printer
  • Scales
  • New tag guns and double sided tape guns
  • Tables and chairs (work stations)

Work and Training Centers / Contract Services – Client Needs

  • Refrigerators / Freezers 
  • Microwaves 
  • Recreational equipment for clients during breaks
  • Automatic Door and installation to accommodate clients’ needs
  • Vocational training software

If you have any questions, contact Wendy Forkas, President/CEO, at 619-681-1999, ext. 1133 or